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If you’re interested, show it. Don’t waste your life beating around the bush & being shy.

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i never hit reblog so fast in my life

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Omg so this girl at work today asked me about my 'Singer Salvage Yard' t-shirt that I was wearing

  • Her: Do you own a salvage yard?
  • Me: ... My dad does
  • Her: Ohhh that's cool. I didn't think your last name was Singer.
  • Me: It's not.
  • Her: *blank stare* oh ... okay. Does your dad own the whole thing?
  • Me: Yup. He runs it with my brothers.
  • Her: It's a family thing?
  • Me: ... It's the family business.
  • Her: That's cool! Hold old are your brothers?
  • Me: 29 and 33
  • Her: Sheesh they're a lot older than you
  • Me: Age is just a number. It's like dust in the wind
  • Her: Right ... *weird face* Well that's cool. Your brothers help run it and everything?
  • Me: Well Dean is more into the family business then Sam. He wants to go to Stanford
  • Her: Wow! He must be really smart.
  • Me: He's brilliant. Him and Dean are really close though so saying goodbye is gonna be tough
  • Her: Wow that's weird, my brothers aren't close at all
  • Me: Oh they're unnaturally close. It's like something supernatural


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